LAAV® GRANITE PROTECTOR is a super professional preparation for the impregnation and care of sinks made of granite and conglomerate, and for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. The preparation creates an invisible coating that emphasizes the colours and protects against fading. It facilitates daily cleaning. The can cover sinks, countertops made of polished natural stone, and also protect and clean stainless steel elements such as bathroom faucets or gas hobs.
  • emphasizes colours and protects against fading
  • limits the penetration of fats
  • has hydrophobic properties so that the water sediment does not dry on the surface
  • removes limescale and other deposits from chrome-plated elements
  • has ingredients of plant origin
  • antistatic components protect against dust deposition
  • it does not contain harmful PFC compounds
  • keeps a fresh and pleasant scent
  • Spread with a dry microfiber on a dry surface, chill for a few minutes and then polish. The product is fully activated after 12 hours. If the surface is in contact with food within 12 hours after application, rinse it with water
    Before applying, make a test on a small area in an inconspicuous place. Do not use on floors.
    You can also wipe the surface of the equipment having the INOX surface, then fingerprints will disappear.