Super effective furniture care has never been so easy and enjoyable. The active ingredients of the product penetrate deeply into the skin, softening and shining it. Perfect for impregnation and care of leather furniture, leather car upholstery, but also of handbags and wallets.
  • creates an invisible layer that fills in scratches
  • protects against the penetration of water and dirt
  • gives a beautiful and refreshed look
  • it does not leave an oily layer so that the surface remains vapor-permeable and breathable
  • contains nano-silver particles, therefore impregnated surface can keep freshness for longer
  • antistatic components repel dust
  • keeps pleasant and fresh scent like your favorite body lotion
  • ecological, free from harmful PFC compounds
  • Shake well before use. Apply the cream directly to the surface or rub it with microfiber cloth moistened with the preparation. The quick absorption of the product makes the surface suitable for use immediately after application.
    Before applying, make a test on a small area in an invisible place. Do not use on aniline leather, open leather, nubuck, velour.
    Before protection the skin, LAAV® LEATHER CLEANER will help to clean and refresh it.