LAAV® WOOD PROTECTOR is an effective and easy-to-apply impregnant for wooden countertops. It protects wooden surfaces against dirt and moisture. We can cover wooden furniture, countertops, window sills, garden furniture and other wooden surfaces with it.
  • protects against dirt and fills in scratches
  • thanks to the hydrophobic coating, the wood is protected against water absorption
  • emphasizes colours and natural structure of the wood
  • protects against sunlight
  • it contains antistatic ingredients that repel dust and dirt
  • safe for the environment, contains ingredients of plant origin
  • free of harmful PFC chemicals
  • keeps a fresh and pleasant scent
  • Use a microfiber cloth, roller or brush to apply impregnant on a cleaned and dried surface. Remove the excess product with a dry cloth or let it to be absorbed. In case of heavy soiling and damage, sand and remove dust before impregnation. The product is fully activated after 12 hours. If the surface is in contact with food within 12 hours after application, rinse it with water.
    Before application, make a test on a small area in an invisible place.
    You can also wipe plastic pots with it – LAAV® WOOD PROTECTOR will refresh their surface.