LAAV® Bed Cleaner


LAAV® BED CLEANER product for cleaning and refreshing mattresses. It deeply penetrates the structure of the cleaned surface, removes stubborn stains and whitens all discolorations. Gives an immediate effect of freshness and restores snow-white colour.

  • active oxygen removes the worst stains and odours by chemically oxidising them
  • stains caused by wine, coffee or bodily fluids disappear!
  •  whitening agents, as the name suggests, whiten the surface of the mattress, giving you a snow white effect.
  • Active nano-silver particles ensure long-lasting freshness and maintain the sanitary quality, very important for mattresses!
  • Safe for children, you can even use it on children’s mattresses
  • Biodegradable composition
  • Free of harmful PFCs
  • Free from harmful synthetic and petroleum-based substances
  • ecological, ingredients of plant origin

Apply evenly on the surface of the mattress, wait a while and wipe with a damp microfiber, rinsing it from dirt from time to time – in warm water. It can also be used to blots. We only use it on white surfaces, BED CLEANER has whitening properties.

Use only for white mattress surfaces or other but white fabrics.

Because of the drying time, clean immediately after waking up so that the mattress has time to dry. You can also remove stains from white shirts with it.